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If you have a business your website should be secure and make you money. It should be mobile, SEO, & E-commerce ready. It should be built and maintained by Nineke Publishing.

My name Ruth Nineke, and I’m relentless in my effort to create stellar, functional websites for artists, and creative entrepreneurs.

With over  a decade in marketing, sales, and web development, I deliver respectfully-priced Web Design & Digital Branding solutions that help small business grow.

Nineke Publishing uses clean design, BOLD imagery, and messaging that makes a point.

My philosophy is Follow Your Dreams, but be smart.I know you didn’t start your business to waste money. Book a 1-hour phone consult with me today, and get clarity on the next steps for your business.

digital branding solutions

Nineke Publishing works with creatives & small business to deliver digital branding solutions that drive engagement.

Digital Branding is the art of making your business look good to potential customers online.

  • Pin-point your exact, ideal customer.
  • Find out when and where they’re online.
  • Find out how they behave online.
  • Create a unique strategy that speaks your customer’s language AND represents your business values & vision.

Nineke Publishing helps businesses deliver their brand message increase exposure & grow trust with customers.

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Design (look) & Development (coding) for new or existing  websites. Packages start at $400.

E-commerce logistics & product development. One time & monthly packages start at $215.

List management, scheduling, design & copywriting. Packages start at $250.

Writing for business, web, or personal projects, starting at $112.

Strategy development; aesthetic, copy, and scheduling. Monthly packages start at $200.

Manuscript edits, layout, digital & print-publishing, PLUS marketing strategy.

Nineke Publishing is a boutique digital agency that specializes in business consulting, marketing strategy, digital product development and logistics, email marketing, web design and development, writing and independent print publishing.
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