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Editing, layout, & distribution

There are dozens of self-publishing options available for inde-authors. Nineke Publishing provides proof-reading and book logistics for new authors, plus marketing & promotion strategy.


How To Write Blogs For Your Business
Blogs take time to mature. Don't psych yourself out over it, just start by writing what you like most about
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How To Create Digital Content For Your Brand
People think there's a cheat code to this online business stuff. There isn't. Either you show up everyday (with your
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How To Take Better Photos
Please stop taking shitty photos now.
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Design (look) & Development (coding) for new or existing  websites. Packages start at $400.


E-commerce logistics & product development. One time & monthly packages start at $215.

E-mail Marketing

List management, scheduling, design & copywriting. Packages start at $250.


Writing for business, web, or personal projects, starting at $112.

social media

Strategy development; aesthetic, copy, and scheduling. Monthly packages start at $200.

book publishing

Writing for business, web, or personal projects, starting at $112.

Nineke Publishing is a boutique digital agency that specializes in business consulting, marketing strategy, digital product development and logistics, email marketing, web design and development, writing and independent print publishing.
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