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2018 - 19

Branding, Web Design, Content Creation, & More

In 2018, Nineke Publishing worked with over 10 clients to polish their work and improve their online presence. In 2019, two of those clients signed on for continuous branding packages. Various projects ranged from manuscript edits and ghostwriting to e-commerce development, digital merchandising, audience growth, SEO copywriting, e-mail campaigns, and web design.


Daddi LongLegz Astrology

Daddi LongLegz found Nineke Publishing via Facebook, on a friend’s referral. Project objective was to build a website that immediately engaged visitors through imagery & language, ultimately promoting online appointment-booking. Nineke Publishing has provided e-mail marketing & Instagram content creation, along with miscellaneous link building for Daddi LongLegz Astrology, leading to increased social engagement, audience growth, and prospective clients for the astrologer in QI.

Creators in the vibe

With hours of audio of artist interviews, Tatiana was ready to launch her website in January 2019. She was also looking to re-establish an Instagram presence to promote her podcast and monthly open mics at Bushwick’s Starr Bar. Nineke Publishing designed a colorful and expressive website for CITV, and made use of brand colors in e-mail marketing and daily Instagram posts. Creators In The Vibe continues to grow its audience and reach throughout NYC.

w00t weddings

In the fall of 2018 business partners Rae-Ellen and Lizabe were frustrated with their website, and lack of in-bound leads. They looked toward 2019 as a fresh start to rebrand their company and begin engaging with their niche audience of “geeks & nerds” local to their service area. Project goals included creating an easy-to-navigate website, and using their Instagram account to cultivate an e-mail list through which to promote specials.



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