With the right website and digital know-how, it is possible to make a living as an artist. Nineke Publishing gives you everything you need to establish and grow your digital presence.

The cornerstone of our relationship is always the artist’s independence. You can be a dreamer and a business person.
It’s a lot easier than you think:

First, start with a fast and fabulous website – one that you own and control. There are a lot of big names in hosting and web design out there. And a bunch of them are rip-offs.

Nineke Publishing points clients to the most affordable and trusted domain registration and hosting services. So you can keep your overhead small, and your art AMAZING!

dream bigger!

How about you not slap together a quick website, just so you have something to show? Let’s vibe, bruv, let’s truly make something special

What’s your favorite thing about what you do? What’s the most awesome, most magical, most unique thing about your work?

Collaborate with Nineke Publishing on blogs, videos, and galleries that absolutely inspire your visitors – and really show off your goods!

Together, we craft site promotion, branding, and marketing campaigns that drive traffic and business back to you.

Finally, we streamline your process so that you can be paid for doing what you love.

Tell An Amazing Story

For writers: Nineke Publishing provides one-on-one assistance to get those creative juices flowing. Let’s sculpt your literary masterpiece together, dig into character outlines, and explore the major themes of your work.

And when you’re done putting it all down, let Nineke Publishing tackle the tough stuff – edits and proofing.

You certainly didn’t go through all the toil of writing a book for no one to read it! Nineke Publishing can guide you through the entire independent publishing process, putting your story on the world’s largest digital marketplace: Amazon.

Sure, you could probably do it alone. Lots of people have. And lots of people could’ve used a hand. Do it right the first time, and with expert help.






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