Mind Your Time.

How lit would it be if you could spend more time doing what you love (painting, baking cakes, writing, sewing…), knowing that your website, blog, social media, and online store were being well taken care of in trusted hands?

Pretty lit, right?

Nineke Publishing provides photography, videography, copywriting, and content management services that spotlight your talents and free you up to make your magic.


Content Creation

More than just blogging, content creation is about crafting, memorable bits of info that connect you and your work to the people who will love it most.

Content creation includes: video, photography, and soundbites that reflect your talent, and the inspiration behind what you do.

All rainbows, butterflies, sprinkles, and unicorns aside the crux of content creation is that it’s formatted and optimized to ultimately drive traffic back to the source: YOU (your website).

The point is to get paid for your art, right? If you’re going to be online with it, the least and most you could do is do it right.


Social Campaigns

The word campaign doesn’t always mean paid advertising. Done right, organic (unpaid) social campaigns run like the background apps on your smartphone or computer.

Social campaigns are super useful in crowdfunding/fundraising, promoting events, products, and services, and finding collaborators/participants for projects.

First, identify your objective. Second, set bench markers and frequency. Third, make some variations. Next, set it and forget it (sort of). Lastly, get results.


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