The point is to secure the 💰 so make it easy for people buy from you.

You can obsess over your store layout, fonts, and button placement all day. But do you have a system in place for when the orders come in?​


When And How Often Should You Post?
If you have social media accounts for your business and you're not posting anything to them at all, the answer
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You Need A Website 
If Your Business Isn't Online, Is It Even A Real Business?​
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How To Take Better Photos
Please stop taking shitty photos now.
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Design (look) & Development (coding) for new or existing  websites. Packages start at $400.

E-commerce logistics & product development. One time & monthly packages start at $215.

List management, scheduling, design & copywriting. Packages start at $250.

Writing for business, web, or personal projects, starting at $112.

Strategy development; aesthetic, copy, and scheduling. Monthly packages start at $200.

Manuscript edits, layout, digital & print-publishing, PLUS marketing strategy.

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