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good digital branding advice for people who are not in Kylie Jenner's demo.

Strategies For Success: SoFlo Studio Shares Their Experience

In the age of Instagram influencers and bots (fake profiles), new businesses must find clever and effective ways to promote themselves. Digital marketing is more than just tapping into trending #hashtags.

Finding Your Brand’s Voice

The easiest way to find your brand’s voice is to practice using it. When you’re talking about your passion and what you love you can never be too excited or sound ridiculous. LEAN ALL THE WAY INTO IT.

7 Tips For Starting Your Blog

Blog posts should be connected to your craft and business and should promote your work while also educating and/or entertaining your visitors…

The Power of A Homepage

Your homepage is your first chance at a first impression with a brand new visitor. It’s like an online handshake, with visuals and text. Make it count, make it strong.

You Need A Website 

A good website is a smart investment in your dreams. And it doesn’t have to be complicated, or expensive.