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Take Care When Taking Photos

I’ve had too many client who took struggle photos. When you know better, you do better.

Behold, a step-by-step lesson in taking better brand & product photos. 

Position. Frame. Focus. Lighting

Level your phone to the object. 

Center the object on the screen. 

Tap the screen to bring the camera into crisp focus.

If it’s daytime and there’s natural light, don’t use flash.

If you’re inside and there’s no natural light, use flash.

Use Solid Backgrounds For Product Photos

Put a black a tee-shirt down on a table.

Put your product on the table.

Clear the space of anything that would distract.

Add anything related to the product that might compliment it.

Try to photograph against a white wall.

Get a lamp and direct it toward the product.

Level your camera to the object.

Center the object on the screen.

Tap the screen to bring the camera into crisp focus.

Use your flash.

Try it without the flash.

Get into the habit of leveling your phone to the object and centering the object in frame. Really get into the habit of tapping the screen to bring the camera into focus.

You’re welcome. Please stop taking shitty photos now.

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