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RUTH NINEKE, Creative Director

Nineke Publishing has been my dream since I was nineteen, probably even younger…

I’ve been a writer my whole life.

I love sharing stories, using bright colors, expressing creativity, and tirelessly striving to capture a vision. And I always wanted work for myself.

The older I got, and the more artists I met – the more motivated, passionate, wildly strong, and zany individuals I befriended – the more inspired I became to pursue my own passions.

And the more I wrote and I followed my personal True North, the more confident I felt in what I created.

Which is exactly the mission of Nineke Publishing:

To inspire confidence in others to follow their passions

follow your dreams bb

If it makes you happy & helps others then do it.

My work means more to me than just building a website or setting up an online store (among other things), and getting paid.

If someone isn’t passionate about their project and doesn’t love what we’re doing, then anything I create for them will ultimately fade away and disappear. So what’s the point?

Don’t get me wrong – I will take the money if I’m hired, and I won’t undervalue my skills. But I have also fired clients for not being committed to their work.

That’s how seriously I take my vision.

Nineke Publishing exists to help artists and small businesses (primarily women, and ‘othered’ individuals), to build their brands and share their magic. It’s a heart-felt purpose and I’ll literally never give it up.

Nothing matters more to me than earning my clients’ trust, working together, and creating something beautiful we both love and can be proud of.


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