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Why Nineke

Nineke Publishing helps artists
become entrepreneurs.
Follow Your Dreams.
Live Your Truth.
Get serious and get help.

Nineke Publishing was started by Ruth Nineke – a writer with an itch for deconstructing and reconstructing communication, and the idealist notion that she actually, really can help everybody.


I love reading and writing books, building websites, blogging, oversharing on social media, and asking artists the always fascinating question of what inspires and motivates them.

When I self-published my first book in 2010 it was a disaster. The font was too small, the line-spacing too large. And the spelling errors! (How could I have been so wreckless!)

It would have been okay if I’d just printed the book for myself – out of sheer vanity – but I had a website (one I’d taught myself to build from scratch) and a Facebook page and I was promoting this book!

I’d always wanted to be writer and I wanted my work to be taken seriously.

I had to get it together.

I wish I’d known more people, artists specifically, at the time who’d already gone the route of creating their work for sale, and promoting themselves on the web. I wish I’d had brains to pick, or knew where to get help when I needed it.

I wish I’d had an editor for when my brain wasn’t alert and couldn’t read my stories objectively. I wish I’d had someone to draft and schedule my blog posts, and social media promotions, or at least to start me off so I had some sense of direction.

But I will say learning by doing led me to a newfound and fun creative outlet.

Now I can use my powers for good!

I turned my experience in corporate marketing and sales, my knowledge of the web, and my love of writing into Nineke Publishing. Now I help artists get their lives doing what they love!

Free up your valuable time and brain space for creating!

In this ever-changing, and sometimes economically unforgiving world Nineke Publishing also seeks to align with entrepreneurs who are people-based and centered on good-vibes; to help spread their unique message to the masses.

Tell me what you want. I’m pretty positive I can help.

All The Best Vibes,
Ruth Nineke
Founder, Nineke Publishing