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Nineke Publishing provides custom web design & development

Your new website: up & running in two weeks or less.

Web Development Services include WordPress installation with custom themes, or SquareSpace design, plus WooCommerce & Shopify integration, MailChimp configuration, and Google Analytics, Google AdSense, & Google Suite set-up.

Favorite plug-in or software you absolutely need on your website? Consider it done!

Nineke Publishing specializes in digital branding

Nineke Publishing specializes in Digital Branding. Services include e-mail newsletters, blog writing, and custom visuals for social media, in addition to a variety of digital business needs (e-books, templates, etc.)

Nineke Publishing Copywriting & Editorial Services

Nineke Publishing also offers the following writing services:

Press Releases, Business Plans, Marketing Plans, Investment Proposals, Individual Bios, Resumes, Term Papers, Wedding Vows, Love Letters & Poetry, Mission Statements and more.

Editorial and Proof-reading services are also available, along with independent book publishing assistance.

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