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Company Profile: SoFlo Studio

Digital Branding advice for Creatives and Small Businesses

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In the age of Instagram influencers and bots (fake profiles), new businesses must find clever and effective ways to promote themselves. Digital marketing is more than just tapping into trending #hashtags.

How do you make your creative business a clear choice through all the noise online?

use incentives

Incentives are added benefits that convince a client or customer to choose your brand and to trust you with their money.

Like many young start-ups SoFlo Studio in Sunrise, Florida is fueled by the creative passion of their small and experienced team.

Passion is a must for any small business. The fever and love for what you do – your desire to deliver memorable products/projects – it’s what you give to your clients and customers that keeps them coming back.

But finding and landing new clients takes more than just passion. You need a plan, and your next handful of new customers needs incentives…

Chances are prospective clients already know what services your services are. Incentives are more than your unique services, they’re like gifts you give clients to show them just how good working together can be.

Enter SoFlo Studio

Launched in June 2018, SoFlo Studio employs a small team with strong set-building, set design, LED programming, and light design experience. It’s this experience in their field that prompted SoFlo’s use of a discount incentive to attract new clients.

SoFlo Studio offers special discounted rates to photographers, videographers, filmmakers, and other clients in exchange for an online review discussing their experience at the studio. Reviews are posted on clients’ individual blogs/websites, or social media profiles.

This discount is an effective incentive for several reasons: 

First, it connects directly to SoFlo’s target market: filmmakers. SoFlo’s discount shows they understand artists’ constant need to save money while pursuing their vision. Every artist knows that every artist needs as many discounts as they can get!

Secondly, the studio displays confidence in their services by offering lower rates for reviews. The studio knows their clients will be more than satisfied.

Lastly, this strategy works to drive more organic traffic to back to SoFlo’s website by creating evergreen content.

use Evergreen COntent

Evergreen Content Marketing is a long-term strategy for building your brand, and attracting new customers.

Evergreen Content Marketing means new, fresh, revised, and timely content (blogs, vlogs, podcasts, etc.) for that’s useful to people and promotes your business. Content Marketing done right helps your website show up on Google to the people who are looking for your services.


This is exactly why I encourage clients to plan a blog for their business. The more relevant and positive content tied back to your business the easier it becomes for the right people to find you.

Pair that with a discount incentive for new customers – who share reviews of your business/drive traffic back to your site – and you’ve got something like a perfect circle of new customers telling new customers to become new customers.

What if you’re still a very new start-up, and can’t afford to offer discount incentives? How else can you promote your business online?

What else can you give your ideal customer to convince them that you’re the clear choice?

SoFLo Studio knows that artists can always benefit from some free promo. So they post behind the scenes content from client shoots on Instagram and Facebook.

This benefits both the studio and the filmmakers – especially with creative use of smart and engaging captions and hashtags. While hashtags alone might not build the client roster of your dreams, using powerful imagery and tagging happy existing clients will help make a positive impression on a new follower.

Since 2018 SoFlo Studio has found major growth from both Google and Instagram, and cites both as their best sources of new leads.

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SoFlo Studio in Sunrise, Fl offers equipment rental, props and costume rentals, set design, set & location rentalsvideo production services, pre & post production assistance, and video editing services.

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