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The Power of A Homepage

In the late 90s…

when I first learned to build websites, homepages were popular. You could get a free homepage anywhere – the most popular choices being GeoCities, Angel Fire, and Tripod (r.i.p all three).

Homepages were the precursors to MySpace profiles; glorified, nuanced spaces where the HTML-savvy could showcase their interests and unique humor.

The web was simpler then. Personal web pages existed solely for entertainment, and the satisfaction of their creators. As time has shown, the possibilities of the internet would prove endless.

Nineke Publishing Recommends Clean Websites

IN PRESENT DAY, having a website is an absolute necessity if you’re an artist/entrepreneur.

You need a website that follows web design best practices & industry standards to organically attract new visitors.

And it’s not the best investment of your time to get lost learning how to build a website when you could and should be doing what you love instead. (That’s why you should hire Nineke Publishing to create your website.)

Why Your HomePage Is Important

Your homepage is the first page of your website. It’s your first chance at a first impression with a brand new visitor. It’s like an online handshake, with visuals and text. Make it count, make it strong.

Make it pop.
Make Your Homepage Pop

Make an immediate connection.

It can not be overstated that your entire site – not just the homepage – should be 100% mobile responsive.

The majority of internet users are browsing on phones or tablets, with an attention span & patience threshold of about 3.5 seconds. I’m not kidding. There’s data to back this up.

We can’t help our inclination to keep tapping and scrolling.

The purpose of your homepage is to make people want to keep scrolling and tapping through the rest of your site.

The point of your website is to make people want to communicate with you, hire you, or buy your artwork or product.

Every element of your site has to facilitate the goal, and your homepage is the lead-off hitter.

Florencia Viadana via Unsplash

Your homepage should accomplish three things:

1. Captivate Attention & Direct It

Strong visuals should pull the visitors eyes to a spot that immediately lets them know this is where they want to be

2. Make It Easy To Connect

Whether it’s social icons, your physical business address and phone number, or an email form where you collect their contact info, your homepage must clearly display a way for visitors to be in touch with you.

3. Promote Business Goals

Business goals can change monthly or even weekly, depending on what you’re doing.

If you’re an artist with an upcoming exhibit, your goal is to get bodies inside the space, photographing and sharing your work. Your homepage should definitely feature the centerpiece of the exhibit, along with the date, time, and location of the event.

If you’re a jewelry or clothing designer, or give guitar lessons your homepage should mention and directly link to a current promotion or sale on your most popular items/services and have a clearly identified CTA (call to action).

If you’re a model, photographer, make-up artist, or other kind of performance artist your homepage should be dynamic. By dynamic I mean there should be some motion, either with a fading or sliding slideshow – or video – displaying your best images and showcasing you in your element.

Your homepage should tell visitors that they like you & show them why.


And you have mere seconds to do it. The copy and imagery of your homepage are ultimately seduction. Their purpose is to lure visitors further into your site and inspire them to buy your art or hire you.

How’s Your Power?
Are you making the most of your homepage? Time for a revamp? Let Nineke Publishing give you a free homepage evaluation! E-mail your website/URL to find out what you’re doing right, and how to Nineke Publishing can power up your homepage!

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