When And How Often Should You Post?

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If you have social media accounts for your business and you’re not posting anything to them at all, the answer to when and how often should you post, is “right now and more than zero.”

At the very minimum you should post once a day to your social account(s) of choice.

Social Strategy Basics

If you don’t know what to post, ask yourself exactly what you want people to do when they see the post. Then find an image that matches the request, and throw some suggestive language on there. If you really get stuck, stop trying to be good at my job, and just hire me.

Okay, but you’re broke and cheap and you don’t see the point or value in hiring a Social Media manager to craft engaging content. You’re entitled to your poor decisions. 

Moving along…

Instagram & Facebook

Use Instagram and Facebook to post content with feels. These platforms are full of passive users who want to be entertained or moved. They’re always online.

A good starting point is to post photos twice daily. With Facebook Pages you can schedule your posts, so ideally setting up 6 to 12 posts a day can dramatically increase your engagement.

You can post more often to Instagram, but coming in hot with 6 Instagram posts a day might be a hard practice to maintain without a dedicated Social Media manager.

Need Some Advice?



There are various studies online about the best times to post to Facebook or Instagram, but it really depends on your individual account insights. 

Both apps provide insights for when your followers are most active and engaged with your profile. Review these weekly, and adjust your posting accordingly.

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When And How Often Should You Post?

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