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Nineke Publishing

I'm Ruth Nineke

I make websites

Nineke Publishing helps passionate creatives to live & work on their own terms.

I help people share their gifts with the world, and make money doing it. I help start-ups who wants to make their mark. I don’t waste people’s money or their time and I don’t work with people who don’t respect my time. I keep my prices fair and I work fast. I have outstanding communication skills, and when you work with me you always get more than what you paid for. I’m don’t play games and I don’t do the back-and-forth.

A little background story…

I’m a writer, turned web designer + business consultant. I started Nineke Publishing because I wanted to publish myself. I started my first website because I wanted to blog everyday and engage people in my writing, so I could sell the books I published myself. Eventually friends, and friends of friends began asking for my help – to publish their own books, to launch their own websites, to write profiles on them, and reviews of their band’s music.

In 2017, I took my career background in direct marketing & ad sales and merged it with my two greatest passions: writing and helping people follow their dreams. And here we are.


How can Nineke Publishing help you?

Find out with a 1-hour consult. Don’t be shy. Ask me everything.

No Bullshit advice


Don't be afraid to have confidence in yourself, your product, and your service. Don't be afraid to respect your dream, your efforts to achieve it, and the time you pour into getting it right.


CreatIng Digital Content For Your Biz

People think there's a cheat code to this online business stuff. There isn't. Either you show up everyday (with your content) or you don't...choose the vibe for your business and then consistently share things that make that vibe clear to...


no bullshit good advice

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