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  • Why Are You Special?

    by Ruth Nineke The easiest way to find out what makes you/your business special is to ask yourself why you're doing this. There is no wrong answer. But there is the right-est answer: For the love. Look, of course we all want to get paid. Duh. But as cliche as it sounds, the truth is that the money will follow the love. You have to have an undying… [...] Keep Reading

    by Ruth Nineke Don't be afraid to have confidence in yourself, your product, and your service. Don't be afraid to respect your dream, your efforts to achieve it, and the time you pour into getting it right. [...] Keep Reading
  • How To Make A Marketing Plan

    by Ruth Nineke Don’t just throw your product on the IG, Facebook, or Twitter feed. Take the time to show your customers how you can help them, why they should trust you, where to get what they need, and most importantly that you passionately care about making their lives that much easier. [...] Keep Reading
  • What’s A Landing Page & Does Your Business Need One?

    by Ruth Nineke Any business could benefit from a landing page, but that's only one part of the bigger picture. [...] Keep Reading
  • Update Your Portfolio

    by Ruth Nineke Get more work by keeping your portfolio fresh and new. [...] Keep Reading

My name is Ruth. I make better, faster, and smarter websites for artists + small businesses across all industries.

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