Make Time Not Excuses

You’re Going To Die.

I’m not trying to be alarmist. I just don’t know if anyone’s told you, or if you understand:

Your life as you know it is for a limited time only. Also, FYI – you deserve to reach your max potential before your number’s punched. Don’t try to argue this point. You’re capable and you deserve to experience your own personal definition of success.

You deserve to do something you think is cool. And you deserve to be proud of yourself. These are indisputable facts. Another fact you want to check: No one said it would be easy. There are ways to make it easier. But following your dreams is going to require applied, concentrated, EFFORT.

No More Excuses.

I loathe excuses. There is no good excuse. Unless you live in New York City, then you can always blame the MTA. But there’s never ever a good excuse for not pushing yourself. 

Step it up. 

Whether your online (or offline) business idea is drop shipping, vlogging, tarot reading, life coaching, fitness or fashion LEARN EVERYTHING YOU POSSIBLY CAN ABOUT EVERYTHING YOU POSSIBLY CAN. Learn the basics, and research the landscape. Never stop learning, but also don’t get lost in the sauce. 

Remember, you actually have to show up to get your dream. You have to put the things you read+learn into practice.

It’s 2020. This is arguably the wildest, most anxiety-inducing year on record, and yet online small businesses are THRIVING. Hell, I’ve been doing what I do everyday for last 3 1/2 years and I’m CRUSHING it this year like never before.

You can launch your dream online business right now – today – and find success THIS YEAR. If you make the time.

Decide. Right now.

Before you do anything else, ask yourself “What do I want?”

Be specific. Do you want to make $10,000 by the end of the year, or do you want to make it by the end of month? Do you want to sell 15 eBooks, do you want to collect 200 email addresses?

Like I explained in my article on How To Make A Marketing Plan, set a target. It’s a very simple concept really. You have to set a target, to hit a target. 

Decide what you want your business to be. Decide how much money you want. (Let’s not be coy. You’re in business to make money.) Decide what you want to be known for. Decide the kind of customers you want. And not just in terms of basic marketing metrics. 

What kinds of human beings are you willing to deal with to get money in your hands? I love to sign new clients. I love, love, love, love it. But I don’t like indecision. I don’t like whiners, complainers, or lazy people. And I won’t take their money either. I have “fired” clients before. And I’ll absolutely do it again. Because this is my business and I know exactly how I want it to go.

Don’t be afraid to have confidence in yourself, your product, and your service. Don’t be afraid to respect your dream, your efforts to achieve it, and the time you pour into getting it right.

Decide how big, pricey, showy, techy, complicated, easy, friendly, modern, or romantic you want your business to be. This is the part where you can get lost in the sauce. Decide exactly how you want it to go.


Remember, what I said before. It’s not going to be easy. Phones break. Servers crash. Passwords get lost. Payments get delayed. People say yes, then avoid you. Then say no. People get sick. People have awful days. Life happens. 

That’s why you have to decide on the details of how you want your dream to be. So when things go haywire AF, you have a familiar and comforting daydream to carry you through the rough patches and hard parts. 

The hardest part will be starting. And once you’ve begun, the next hardest part will be staying the course. Both these parts demand your time. Make the time.

Let me say that again, so it lands…


Again – Make the time. Life will always “get in the way.” You will always have other responsibilities. I’m telling you that you’re capable of managing them, AND pursuing your dreams. If you disagree, that’s fair. You know yourself best. But if you WANT to get after it (the 💰) here’s how:

Start your day by doing something related to your goals. Even if all you can do for six weeks straight is write to-do lists. Keep a notebook and pen beside your bed, or use the note app on your phone. Put down your ideas, or things you need to research, or software you need to download/buy. Stay on top of it.

This is a tried and true method for boosting your inspiration and productivity toward a goal. Two things happen when you do your thing before your day starts and you’re pulled in eleventeen directions. 

First, you’re programming your brain. You’re establishing this activity (working on your art/business/craft) as a priority. You’re giving it the top place it deserves.

Second, by making your dream/work the priority and making time for it, you erase the doubt and guilt and that’s kept you stuck in the past. 

You know the guilt that you feel for putting off your dreams?  That guilt paralyzes you into putting off the work even more. And then you talk yourself out of it because you’re convinced you’re too far behind, or there are too many other people doing the same thing. 

But if you make the time first thing in the morning, you actually increase the likelihood that you’ll make more time throughout the day. Because you’ll be proud of yourself, and excited, and your ideas will stay with you and keep buzzing around your mind.

Just Do It.

You know the line. So much easier said than done. Except, is it though? The time you spend talking yourself out of something, or complaining that it’s hard, is time you could have been using Google to find an easier way. The time you spend circling the drain of self doubt is time you could spend on Pinterest finding inspiration. 

The time you spend worrying in confusion is time you could be on a call with me, going through the exact steps to get you from where you are now to running a successful, thriving, online business.

My name is Ruth. I make better, faster, and smarter websites for artists + small businesses across all industries.

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