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New Facebook & New IG are both annoying AF and complete garbage as far as online tools for business growth.

Arguably, as long as you make consistent effort and put in work everyday, any channel can lead to sales revenue for your business. But whereas both these apps started as easy ways to connect and share content with interested people, they’ve now devolved into daunting and difficult roadblocks for the average small business user.

Facebook and Instagram have sold out. 

It’s annoying, but it’s also to be expected. Most big businesses become bigger by focusing on their own bottom-line. And after a certain point, user satisfaction becomes irrelevant to their decision making process.

These apps have such a large hold on their market they don’t need to care who loves or hates their new layouts. The recent redesigns are meant to serve the apps’ biggest paying users – other big businesses with big marketing budgets. Facebook and Instagram exist to make money, and until a better platform comes out they’re just going to continue stacking.

What can we entrepreneurs and online marketers learn from this? 

What can we take away from this collective frustration? How can we adapt our own strategies (with limited budgets) to the new COVID world, where potential customers are harder to reach online?


Something to consider and reevaluate is our messaging – how we communicate online. How do you talk online? What do you say and share? 

One thing that never changes, regardless of new apps or mediums, is that people are what make your business. And people like it A LOT when you show that you care about them.

Facebook and Instagram dgaf about their users and we’ve known that for years already. Eventually they’re going to lose what made them big: the people. Eventually, people will migrate. People left AOL. People left MySpace. 

People will always leave when something better comes along, something that speaks to their needs and wants.

Keep this in mind as you continue to market on social. People will migrate from what stresses them out, and gravitate toward what calms and pleases them. Keep promoting yourself and your business everyday, and do so with thoughtfulness – with people as your focus.

Think about your future customers. 

Think about what they really want when they come online. Think about what they need. Make content that inspires, entertains, motivates, educates.


Outside, and even online, the world is full of trouble and stress and legitimate problems. Everyone is suffering something in one way or another. We come online to joke, to connect, to commiserate, to share. We come online for escape, for relief.

Be mindful of that. 

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Be thoughtful in your approach.

Nobody wants to come online and read about how hard your fucking life is. And anyone who does isn’t interested in your growth, or “helping” your business make a sale. We all got problems, mate. And we all gotta work for what we want and find solutions.

The best way to solve a problem, is to offer help – even when what you need is help. When you’re busy helping others, you don’t have time to moan and whine and wallow.

Often it’s when we’re in the middle of actually helping other people that we reach aha! moments for ourselves.

So how can you help your business and help your future customers? 

Easy. Show up better online. Don’t whine, don’t beg. If blunt is your style (it’s sort of mine) be blunt. But don’t be a whiney, poor me, basic bitch. Show up for yourself by showing up for your audience.

Put out more HELPFUL, POSITIVE and engaging content. 

Honestly, we all fucking need the good vibes. Give your followers (and soon-to-be new followers) something that shows you understand them, and that you understand the present conditions. Show them that you care about what they think, how they feel, and what they want.

Quit bitching over the algorithm, and start doing and giving more. Be better than Facebook and Instagram.

Start right now.

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