for creative entrepreneurs

Web Design & Development

Nineke Publishing makes custom built websites for creatives & entrepreneurs  that showcase their skills & talents, connecting them to their ideal audience. Increase & promote online sales with clean design and simplified payment options.

  • mobile responsive design
  • SSL secured & privacy
  • e-commerce ready
  • social & email integrations
  • Google Analytics

Digital Branding Solutions

Nineke Publishing offers monthly Digital Branding packages to help businesses grow rapidly, a comprehensive marketing strategy curated specifically for YOUR business. Reach new customers & clients daily, and increase return customers with a refined brand presence they can trust.

  • social media plan – graphics & caption
  • SEO blog writing
  • data-driven email marketing

Writing Services

Writing doesn’t come easily to everyone. And for business owners, this can be extra time-consuming.  Spare yourself the struggle. Nineke Publishing delivers smart writing for a variety of business and personal purposes.

  • copy for websites
  • email marketing copy
  • social media captions & posts
  • essays & term papers
  • press releases
  • transcriptions
  • marketing & promotional materials
  • business presentations
  • bios & professional profiles
  • sponsored content
  • business & marketing plans & proposals
  • print & eBook book publishing

About Nineke Publishing

My name is Ruth and I’m a writer who makes websites. I’m a passionate, energetic communicator. I started Nineke Publishing because I wanted to publish myself. I started my first website because I wanted to blog everyday and engage people in my writing, so I could sell the books I published myself. Eventually friends, and friends of friends began asking for my help – to publish their own books, to launch their own websites, to write profiles on them, and reviews of their band’s music.

In 2017, I took my career background in direct marketing & ad sales and merged it with my two greatest passions: writing and helping people follow their dreams. And here we are.

Nineke Publishing is for all passionate creatives, determined to make their art on their own terms; those who want to share their gifts with the world. It’s here for the savvy start-up that wants to make its mark. And it’s also here for the overwhelmed college student who simply cannot be f*cked to write that 11 page paper on Operations Management.

How can Nineke Publishing help you? 

Find out with a 1-hour consult. Don’t be shy. Ask me everything.

Nineke Publishing is a boutique digital agency that specializes in business consulting, marketing strategy, digital product development and logistics, email marketing, web design and development, writing and independent print publishing.
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