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Don't share an outdated porfolio

A few weeks ago I posted a question to Facebook, asking what the going rate was for illustration gigs.

I’m not an illustrator or graphic designer, but a potential website client needed artwork for his wife’s children’s book. So I figured I could help him cover that base.

Someone replied to my post, nominating themselves for the gig. When I messaged them, asking to see their work, they linked me to their video portfolio.

It was SEVEN years old.

That’s just wrong.

Freelancers, artists, creatives:


It’s 2020 and the marketplace is saturated with US. We have to do better. We have to be sharp, fresh, consistently new.

We have to constantly seek out new gigs and we have to be prepared to show our best work, always.

And if for whatever reason, you haven’t had a new gig in a long time (it happens, I know it well) at the very least you must create something for yourself.

I’m always updating my website, or working on new writings between clients. I always have something that’s a few weeks new to show.  At max, something a month old.

But seven years – hell seven months – is too far.

If you make websites, like me, and your last client was half a year ago – make a new website under a subdomain of your own website. Create templates for fun! If you’re an illustrator then draw and upload your new creations daily.

Refresh and redesign your portfolio across mediums. 

Make a video of your work. Make a PDF. Make a webpage. Make an album on Facebook or LinkedIn. Put your content on Instagram.

Just please, please, please help yourself get more work by keeping your portfolio fresh and new. You never really know how your next opportunity will find you – but you can control your presentation when it does.

Be prepared. Update your portfolio.

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