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Why Are You Special?

I'm Ruth. I make websites and help small businesses promote better.
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I get shit done.

PERIOD. That’s why you should hire me. I get the job done. I know what needs to be done. I know the order of every step. I know the details. I know where to get what for the best value. I know how to write, design, code, and promote. I have experience and passion.

I have passion and I do not dick around.

Your turn.

What makes you special? Why should people hire you? Why should anyone buy from you? Call you? Trust you?

Before I start a website project, I send my new clients a list of questions to help me better understand their business and goals.

(Sidenote: if you’re in freelance, or any sort of service-based profession, learn to ask more questions. Ask all the questions. This does two things. First, it makes your job easier because the more you know, the better you perform. Second, showing genuine interest in people builds trust. If you’re “servicing” people you better give a damn about what their desires, dreams, and drives are.)

As any of my website clients can tell you, I always encourage them to let it flow, but I also tell them not to think too hard on the answers. These questions include “What are you giving people?” and “What sets you apart?” 

I encourage clients to really shine their lights here.

Brag, boast, don’t be shy.

Are you, or are you not special? Listen, we’re all special in our own ways, and that’s not just a thing your mom said to make you feel good.

If you even once had the feeling to want to start your own business, or promote your creativity, then you absolutely have something special in you worth sharing. We can talk more about dismantling your fear blocks and tapping into your personal magic later, when you book a call with me.

But first… make a list of your greatest personal qualities and then explore how they apply to your business. Are you detail-oriented? Are you empathetic? Are you enthusiastic? Are you always curious? Are you a flexible person? A focused person? Are you tenacious? Are you a strong multi-tasker? Be honest with your self and TOOT YOUR OWN HORN. LOUDLY.

Why do you do what you do?

Another way to find out what makes you/your business special is to ask yourself why you’re doing this. There is no wrong answer. But there is the right-est answer: For the love.

Look, of course we all want to get paid. Duh. But as cliche as it sounds, the truth is that the money will follow the love (because the love will fuel the hard work part). 

You need an undying passion for whatever you’re involved in. 

Whether you’re selling hair or make up, or jewelry, or lingerie, you had better completely and totally love everything to do with your product.

Ask yourself why you love making jewelry. Tap into the feeling it gives you – whether that’s peace, or joy, or excitement. Tap into the emotion behind finding the perfect stone, the perfect colors, the perfect beads. Tap into the pride and satisfaction of sharing your pieces with others, and the happiness your work gives them.

What do you believe?

Do you believe your work helps people? Do you believe it will improve their lives? Do you believe that you personally have the power to give confidence, joy, inspiration, or knowledge to other people?

Use that. Tap into your own confidence and strength. Believe that you are an instrument of aid and hope. As romantic and fantastical as this might seem, it ties back to your passion. Sure, you love yoga, or painting, or even web design. But is your love for it so strong that you know without a doubt you can give others the same feeling?


Anyone can make a brand mission statement that talks about dedication to customer service or quality, etc, etc. Anyone can say their product is high quality at affordable prices. 

That’s a go-to line. It’s a given. Your product should be quality. Your prices don’t have to be affordable, but they should be reasonably matched to your market.

Don’t miss the point:
What makes your business stand out is Y O U.

In the small business marketplace you are your brand. Get personal. Get honest. Get romantic. Pour your heart and soul out. Share your beliefs, philosophies and values. This is where you’ll match with your ideal clients & customers. This is how they’ll connect to you.

Focus on your why. Forget the rest.

There are a lot of people doing what I do. There are a lot of women in web design, marketing, digital branding, and business consulting. There are a lot of writers. So what? They’re not me.

I’m driven by a very firm sense of self. I believe in independence and creativity. I love all things unique. I believe in the individual. I believe in personal power. I believe in the will of a person to dream big and make their dream a reality. And I genuinely want to help other people unlock their own creativity, independence, and personal power.

It’s a bit of soul/life mission, so I don’t fully expect everyone to understand me on that level. But I do know that when I get worked up talking about it that people can feel me. 

I know that my clients know I mean it. And I know that the right clients for me are also passionate dreamers, who believe in and love what they do. All I give them is guidance and technical expertise. I give them my time, and knowledge. I talk with them. I listen. I help them brainstorm and organize. And I do it because I love it.

Whatever your creative passion or business idea, there’s sure to be a hefty number of people doing the exact same thing. That’s good news. You can admire and study them and learn from them. Be inspired. Stay curious and let yourself be impressed, not discouraged.

Remember that only you can do what you do the way you do it. 

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