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Yes, You Really Do Need E-mail Marketing

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E-mail Marketing gives you a direct line of communication to your ideal customer.

Think about it, when a visitor first comes to your website they’re literally just browsing. Most people aren’t ready to make a purchase on their very first visit.

They want to see what you’ve got. They want to be impressed. They do want to buy, but most of the time they’re not ready to buy in that exact instant. In our smart-phone world, with “New Posts” appearing on top of endless scrolling news-feed timelines every second, most people see things they like and then forget where they saw it a minute later. 

So how do you make a site visitor remember you? 

Aside from having a banging website design – built by yours truly – you need to ask them to remember you, and nicely. Closed mouths don’t get fed. You need to have some way of getting email addresses. Very simply, just ask for e-mail addresses. Whether you opt for a contact form (where visitors ask questions, and reach out to you), or a subscription form, your business website should collect e-mails.

Contact forms are useful because they let visitors start the conversation. Another bonus of having a contact form on your website is that you can gain valuable feedback, from site suggestions to product concerns. Subscription forms are even better because each visitor that signs up WANTS to be reminded of your business/product/service.

e-mail marketing is long game strategy for small business websites

Subscription sign-ups are the start of a trust based relationship between you and your ideal customer.

Anyone that gives their e-mail on a website understand that they might get e-mailed too much. Don’t abuse this privilege. I always recommend my clients only send emails around holidays, or when they’re running a special promotion. Having your customer’s trust is major key in growing your business.

Show your new sign-ups how much you value that trust by respecting their inbox. Show them how much you appreciate their interest in your products and services, by offering them exclusive discounts. (Most e-commerce software have options for discount codes. Use these.)

E-mail Marketing is a long-game strategy.

In the beginning of the small business website fantasy, we all believe people will just go to our site and magically make orders, right away, everyday. The reality is that success in business takes planning, any way you slice it. Either you plan to sell the most terrific product ever, and you plan every single facet of that product. Or you plan your marketing strategy.

E-mail-marketing lets you to speak directly to people who already want what you’ve got. It’s a vital part of an effective marketing plan, that can go further in the long run than even social media.

Ultimately you want as many e-mail sign-ups as possible. And you want those sign-ups to become customers, and repeat buyers. This is an e-commerce website dream. Make the most of e-mail marketing by taking the time to plan your promotions ahead of time.

Start with a free MailChimp account.

MailChimp is a leader in e-mail marketing software. They have an easy-to-use platform that’s versatile and integrates with WordPress & WooCommerce. MailChimp also offers a variety of free e-mail AND landing page templates. 

If you decide you need something more customized to your brand, hit me up for a 1-hour consult and let’s explore ways to promote your products and connect with your customers better.


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